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Learn more about So Sugary and our free photo gallery hosting service.

So Sugary opened its doors in early December 2008.

We provide a free service for fansite owners who want to complement their blog or website with a full featured photo gallery.

Our initial hosting model required users to install their own choice of gallery script using FTP and cPanel. This worked well though many users did not have the technical knowledge to install a web script. Thus was born version 2, launched September 2013, providing a pre-installed and configured gallery with exclusive free themes. FTP access was still available by means of a free upgrade to an Advanced or Pro Gallery.

Version 2 galleries were initially setup by approval. To improve the service, from 1 May 2014 we began to trial instant setup which has been successful thus far. In order for us to focus on a more consistent user interface, Advanced Galleries were discontinued as of early June 2014.

We are constantly on the look-out to add new amazing features and refine existing ones.

Our goal is to provide a simple, easy-to-use photo gallery with everything ready to go out of the box.

All 100% free.

We are specialists in celebrity photo galleries. We live, breathe & dream celebrity pictures.